Sellers Preparation

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I have provided this information to help ensure the inspection of your home goes smoothly, please do the following;


  • Pets – Please make arrangements to remove, crate or have a room available for your pets. Please clean the yard of pet waste.
  • Utility Access –Please remove any personal belongings that may block access to the electric distribution panel, water service, heating / cooling systems and water heater.
  • Attic Access –Please remove any personal belongings, shelves and clothes rods from closet that have attic access. Please move furniture away from eaves attic areas.
  • Light Bulbs –Replace burned out bulbs to avoid “light did not operate” comments in the report.
  • Cabinet Storage –I will be looking at the plumbing under the kitchen and bathroom sinks, please remove your personal belongings from the sink cabinets.
  • Crawl space Access – Please ensure that the crawl space is accessible, remove any obstructions from the access hatch, trim back bushes and remove any soil that may limit removal of the access hatch.

Checking these areas and removing any obstructions before your home is inspected is an investment in selling your property.


Some other thing for you to consider repairing; broken or missing door knobs, locks and latches, gutters and downspouts, install switch and outlet covers, trim trees and shrubs away from the house.

Thank you.