Pool Safety tips


This is some information to help ensure that you enjoy your pool this summer.

• All entry doors from the house have to have audible alarms installed.

• Fence that surround the yard are not permitted to be climbable.

• All gate leading to and from the yard must be self closing and alarmed. If the alarms are battery operated test them regularly to ensure the battery is still providing power to the alarm.

• Due to varying weather conditions and other environmental factors water chemical calculations and testing are not performed. Water testing exceeds the scope of this inspection.

• Additional safety equipment that should be installed in or near the pool.

1 - A pool safety buoy - This device sounds an audible alarm if someone enters the pool.

2 - Ring buoys and reaching poles

3 - Post emergency phone numbers near the pool

• Never leave small children unsupervised—even for a few seconds. And never leave toys or floats in the pool when not in use as they may prove to be a deadly temptation for toddlers trying to reach them who might then fall into the pool.

• Have a pool wathcher* by the pool to keep watch over the people in the pool and switch them every 15 minutes when you have a celbration with a large number of people in the pool.

•Additionally to prevent accidental electrocution all equipment should be GFCI protected.

• For more information about pool safety please visit:


* Someone acting as a lifeguard.